Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet Dalia (Cracked wheat): Nutritious breakfast

Sweet dalia is a nutritious breakfast for growing kids and especially new moms. It is rich in iron and protein with fewer calories. Cracked wheat is high in fiber.

Approx. 2 servings
  • Broken wheat (Dalia) – 1 cup
  • Grated Jaggery (Gur) – 3/4 cup
  • Clarified butter (Ghee) – 1/4 cup
  • Cashews, Almonds – 1/2 cup (coarsely chopped)
  • Cardamom powder (Elaichi) – 1 tsp
  • Golden raisins - 1 tbsp
  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Water – 2 cups
  • Freshly grated coconut – 1/2 cup(optional

  1. Dry roast coarsely chopped cashews and almonds and keep aside.
  2. In a heavy bottom pan, roast Dalia with ghee on medium-low heat.  Let it roast for 7-8 minutes or till it gives roasted aroma.
  3. In a sauce pan, add water and milk. Bring it to a boil.
  4. Add it to roasted Dalia. Mix well to avoid any lumps. Cook it covered for 3-4 minutes on low heat.
  5. Add grated jaggery and grated coconut. Mix well.
  6. Add cardamom powder, golden raisins and roasted nuts to dalia. Let it cook for few more minutes, till it turns dry.
Serve warm.


  1. Happy Navratri to all..May this navratri bring happiness and Prosperity to all..Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hate dalia but this looks really tempting :)

  3. thanks you saved my life

    1. Thanks everyone for positive feedback.
      I'm glad you all liked it!
      Have fun cooking!