Monday, July 16, 2012

Shveta's Recipes App on Android too!

I am glad to announce the launch of Shveta's Recipes App on Android. Now available at Google play.
Here are the links to install them on your devices. There are 2 versions of Shveta's Recipes App:

Shveta's Indian Recipes Lite : Free (35 recipes)
Shveta's Recipes : Buy for 99 cents (All 200 recipes)

Shveta’s Recipes has 200 vegetarian recipes for easy cooking. All recipes have precise ingredient list and a detailed step-by-step method. Each recipe has a well presented picture of the finished dish.

These recipes are categorized in 7 different courses; Appetizer, Main course, Paneer dishes, Snacks, Side dish, Drinks and Desserts. The recipes are mostly influenced by the regional food of different states in India. Few recipes are continental.

• 200 step-by-step vegetarian recipes
• Stunning photograph with each recipe
• Simple and easy navigation
• Divided in 7 categories: Appetizer, Main course, Paneer Dishes, Snacks, Side dish, Drinks and Desserts
• All recipes include precise ingredient list
• Each recipe includes number of servings
• Once installed, no Internet connection required to view recipes
• Share Application link using email or SMS
Suggestions, ratings, comments and feedback is highly appreciated.