Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Navratri Special: Sabudana vada [Sago cutlets]


Festivities are in the air. One of the most auspicious is Navratri. Fasting [vrat] is the part of navratri ritual. Here I’m sharing with you Sabudana vada or Sago cutlets for fasting menu [falahar]. It is also a kid’s friendly snack.

For sabudana vada (12 vadas approx.)
Sabudana [Sago]     – 1cup
Potatoes                 – 3 medium
Peanuts                  – ½ cup roasted and coarsely grounded
Red chili powder      – 1 tsp
Green chilies           – 2 finely chopped
Cumin seeds           – 1 tsp
Cooking oil to fry
Salt as per taste
  • Wash sabudana lightly and soak it in water for 3-4 hours. Sabudana should absorb all the water.
  • Boil and peel the potatoes. Ina bowl, add potates and mash them evenly. Now add sabudana, finely chopped green chilies, cumin seeds, peanuts, red chili powder and salt.  Mix well.
  • Heat cooking oil for frying the vadas.
  • Apply little oil on your palms. Take small lemon size dough between your palms and make vadas or cutlets. 
  • Fry it in the medium hot oil. Repeat till all the vadas are done. It should be golden and crispy. Sabudana vadas are ready to serve.
Serving Suggestions:
Enjoy garma garam [hot] vadas with ketchup, green chutney or yoghurt.

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