Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Red bell pepper wheels


This super easy and tasty Red bell pepper recipe is not just the feast for taste buds but for the eyes too.


For Red bell pepper wheels [4 servings]

Red bell peppers – 2 fresh whole
Potatoes – 3 medium (boiled and peeled)
Onions – 1 medium chopped
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Mustard Seeds -1 tsp
Asafoetida (Hing) powder -1/4 tsp
Chaat masala – ½ tsp
Olive oil – 3 tbsp

Dry Spices:
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Red chili powder – 1 tsp
Coriander powder – 1 tbsp
Garam masala powder – ½ tsp
Amchur powder(dried mango powder) – ½ tbsp
Kitchen King masala – 1 tsp
Salt as per taste

  • Wash fresh red bell pepper and make a hole on the stem side. Take all the seeds out of the bell pepper. Keep aside.
  • Peel and mash the potatoes. In a pan, heat 2 tbsp oil. Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds and asafoetida powder. When it crackles, add chopped onions. Sauté it for few minutes till it becomes transparent but not brown. 
  • Add mashed potatoes to it. Add all dry spices (turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder, amchur powder and salt). Mix well. Turn the heat off and cool it down a little bit.
  • In the red bell peppers fill the above potato filling. Bell peppers should be nice and firm.

  • Carefully with a sharp knife, cut ¾ inch slices of the bell pepper.
  • Pre heat oven at 375 degrees.
  • On a greased baking tray arrange all the slices in single layer. Very lightly spray the slices with cooking oil. Bake the slices for 15-20 minutes.
  • Gently take the slices off the baking tray using flat turner/spatula, arrange the slices in the serving plate.
  • Sprinkle some chaat masala before serving.
Enjoy hot with fresh roti or paratha.

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